Mortgages: Published 12.5

Published 11:00 pm Tuesday, December 4, 2012

First National Bank of Brundidge to Charles C. and Mary H. Adams

11-26-2012 $100,00.00 12146 U.S. HWY 231


Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) and Quicken Loans to Ann R. Bentley (Formerly known as Ann R. Foster and John C. Bentley

11-26-2012 $185,100.00 113 Pine Grove Drive


Troy Bank and Trust to A.G. and K.R Booth

11-27-2012 101,992.45 42 acres of land in Spring Hill Community, Brundidge AL


MERS and Branch Banking and Trust to Quintin M and Shelia B. Collins

11-28-2012 $175, 750.00 313 Curtis Drive


First Citizens Bank to Todd D. Colquett

11-30-2012 $15,000.00 1559 County Rd. 1448


MERS and Achor Mortgage Services to Isabelle Victoria, Keith A and Melissa Cousins

11-26-2012 $108,000 202 Whitetail Way


JP Morgan Chase Bank to Michael S and Susan A. Green 11-26-2012 $166,524.00 432 W College Street


Quicken Loans to Shelia A. Williams (formerly known as Shelia A. Howard)

11-29-2012 $241,00.00 103 Laurel Lane


Troy Bank and Trust to Earl G. Hutto

11-28-2012 $41,696.55 104 and 106 Thomas Circle


Troy Bank and Trust to Kabco Properties LLC

11-28-2012 @149,264.00 Lot #1 of Oak Park Subdivision


JP Morgan Chase Bank to Bradley S. and Cammie T. Loving

11-26-2012 $204,218 (plus interest) 102 Margaret Lane


MERS and Unites Security Financial Corporation to Ida Felton Martin and Lovell Martin Sr.

11-28-2012 $390,925.00 215 N Pineridge Dr.


Troy Bank and Trust to Brooke D. and Water M. Murphy

11-29-2012 $166,500 8224 County Rd. 7708


MERS and Real Estate Mortgage Network to David F and Kim S. Nelson

11-30-2012 $233,336.00 208 Monticello Drive


MERS and Everett Financial Inc. DBA Supreme Lending to Horace and Paula Ruth Simmons

11-26-2012 $61, 300.00 5207 County Rd. 1107


Troy Bank and Trust to George and Marcia Slifka

11-29-2012 $206,770.00 1722 Henderson Hwy.


MERS and Troy Bank and Trust to Eric A. and Katie E. Smith

11-29-2012 $130,255.00 126 Glenwood Avenue



MERS and Troy Bank and Trust to Robin W. and Tracy Snyder

11-26-2012 $251,000.00 104 Kelly Lane


Regions Bank DBA Regions Mortgage to Edward H. and Mary Hall Stevens

11-29-2012 $100,00.00 404 Yeardly Street


21st Mortgage Corporation to David T. Sutton

11-29-2012 $70,939.64 1929 AL Hwy 167 Brundidge AL


MERS and Grand Bank to Johnny W. Wilson

11-26-2012 $167,885.00 106 Laurel Lane