Deeds: Published 12.5

Published 11:00 pm Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Grantors/Sellers-James Lee Bryan and Patti B. Sirmon to Grantee/Buyer-Jacqueline B. Fleming


60 acres located on City Road 4420 Pike County-Brundidge, AL

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Total Purchase Price (TPP)- $5, 000


Grantor-James and Carolyn S. Gibson to Grantees-Jay L. Gibson, Peter and Ginny Gibson Lane (married)


North side of an unpaved road in the SW ¼ of the NW ¼ of Section 6, Township 9 North, Range 20 East, Pike County


Grantor-James and Carolyn S. Gibson to Grantees-Ginny Gibson Lane and Peter Lane


About 25 acres, more or less

NE ¼ of Section 6, Township 9 North, Range 20 East Highway No. 12, Pike County


Grantor-Troy Plaza LLC. To Grantee-Green Land Company LLC.


Assessor Market Value (AMV)-$299,040.00

7.86 acres more or less on NE ¼ Section 36, Township 10 North, Range 20 East, Pike County


Grantors-Justin and Lean Hawarah to Grantees-Eric A. and Katie E. Smith



126 Glenwood Avenue /Lot # 77 of Ridgewood Subdivision


Grantor KC LLC. To Grantee Margaret Wilson


TPP- $45,000.00

20 acres from West ½ of Section 1 and a portion of East ½ of Section 2 all in Township 9 North, Range 19 East, Pike County, Alabama


M Ham Home Repair LLC to George and Marcia Slifka


TPP- $15,000.00

1722 Henderson HWY/Lot No. 13 of the Ponds Subdivision and Lot No. 1 of Peacock Subdivision


Joe Pugh Jr. Estate and Roman Pugh Administrator to Princess Daniels


TTP- $12,010/00

127 Carroll Street/Lot #10 of West New Division in Troy, AL


Darrick Rouse to Mildred Rouse


AMV-$72,610.00 (Y2 Interest)

114 Curry Circle/ Lot No. 25 Block 1 of the Tate Street Subdivision


Carter B. , David R., Kirby L. and Michael B. Sanders to Aline S. and Chester H. Garret


AMV- $100.00

Township 8 North, Range 19 East, HWY 2243, Pike County, Goshen AL


Sec. of Housing and Urban Development to Bismark LLC.


TTP- $36,979.38

245 South A Graham Blvd, Brundidge AL 36010


Sheriff of Pike County Alabama (Thomas Russell) to State of Alabama Dep. Of Revenue


TTP- $543.00

12299 US HWY 231 S and 4237 US HWY 231 S

Water Still to Jessie and Linda Murphy


TTP- $9,000.00

2921 Co. Rd 7703 Pike County, Ramer AL 36069


Ann P. Swindle to Pike County


TTP- $1.00

North ½ of the SW ¼, Section 6, Township 10 North, Range 21 East, Pike County


VJA Holdings LLC. To Superior Pine Products Company


TTP: 327, 199.68

NW ¼ of the SW ¼ of Section 35, Township 8 North, Range 19 East, Pike County


Wheelless Realty Corporation to Kabco Properties LLC.


TTP: 90,000.00

Lot #1 Of the plat of Oak Park Commercial


Zachery Lon to Vanessa R. and Wayne L. Jackson


TTP: 35,000.00

34 County Rd. 6613