OCAP hosts energy workshop in Brundidge

Published 11:00 pm Friday, November 16, 2012

The Organized Community Action Program in Troy hosted an Energy Workshop for the citizens of Brundidge at the Robert E. Barr Nutrition Center.

Shannon Gooden of Southeast Alabama Gas and Bruce Laviner of Thompson Gas Company conducted the workshop and provided information that makes sense and saves dollars.

Gooden said the purpose of the workshop was to provide information that would save dollars without a great inconvenience.

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She began “lightly.”

“The high efficiency light bulbs cost more initially but, in the long run, will save money. We suggest, too, that you install low flow-shower heads and cut your shower short,” she said. “This will be a savings on your water bill.”

Gooden also suggested washing clothes on the low cycle, waiting to wash clothes until there is a full load and washing on the cold water cycle except when hot water is needed.

“From a heating standpoint, turning the thermostat down a couple of degrees will make a big difference in your heating bill,” Gooden said. “Ideally, your thermostat should be set at 70 degrees and 68 would be even mean an ever greater savings.”

Gooden said wearing a flannel shirt when moving around the house or getting under a blanket when watching television or reading allows a person to be more comfortable with the lower thermostat setting.

“You don’t want to turn the thermostat up and down,” she said. “Put it on one setting and leave it there and that will make a different in your heating bill.”

She said that by reversing ceiling fans the rising warm air will be force downward.

“Weather stripping always helps and, when windows need to be replaced, they should be replaced with high efficiency windows,” she said.

Hanging out clothes is always the most economical way to dry clothes but probably not the most practical.

“One thing that you can do to increase the efficiency of the clothes dryer is clean the lint filter after each use,” Gooden said.

Laviner said setting the thermostat on the water heater at 120 degrees is a cost saving measure.

“The north side of the house is the coldest and anything that you can do to add insulation is helpful,” he said. “Insulated shades always make a difference. And, the main thing is to keep the temperature constant and at a setting where you can live with it. It’s always better to put on a sweater than it is to turn up the heat.

“There are a lot of simple ways to save on your heating bills. You just have to be willing to do some things a little differently and if you are, you will see a positive difference in your utility bill.”