Rotarians encouraged to get engaged

Published 11:00 pm Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Carol Franks talks fast.

That’s because she’s a “Yankee” of sorts and but mainly because she is passionate about Rotary.

Franks, a past Rotary district governor, was the guest speaker at the Brundidge Rotary Club on Tuesday. Franks recently has been elected to serve on Rotary’s Council on Legislation and will attend the Council meeting in Chicago in April.

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The Council on Legislation will be attended by about 600 Rotary representatives from around the world.

One hundred and ninety-nine items of business will be before that Council including changes in policies and procedures.

Franks said a main issue facing many Rotary Clubs today is keeping members engaged.

“It’s not just showing up; it’s doing all we can to do good in the world,” she said. “Rotary membership has been at 1.2 million forever. We are losing as many members as we’re taking it. We have to find ways to keep our members engaged as well as bringing in new members.”

Rotary’s purpose is that important.

Franks said Rotary’s “Future Vision” pilot program has streamlined Rotary’s area of focus to six areas and three types of grant programs.

“The idea is to do more good in the world without being so spread out and diverse,” she said.

Rotary is still fighting polio and the eradication of polio continues to be the worldwide organization’s main focus.

“We are making progress in the eradication of polio but there are still four countries where polio is still prevalent,” Franks said. “And there is an applicable acronym for those counties PAIN – Pakistan, Africa, India and Nigeria. However, Nigeria has not had a case of polio in a year and has been taken off the list temporarily. A country has to been three years without a case of polio before it can be taken off the list permanently.”

Rotarians around the world are working toward and looking forward to the day when all countries of off “the list” permanently.

Franks expressed appreciation to the Brundidge Rotarians for the outstanding work they do and for their commitment to Rotary’s vision for the future.