Cities right to fight landfill purchase

Published 11:00 pm Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Troy officials joined with Brundidge officials this week in seeking a legal injunction against efforts to purchase the Brundidge Landfill.

It was the right move.

Last week, Brundidge officials and the Brundidge Solid Waste Disposal Authority filed a complaint in Pike County Circuit Court to block the Coffee County Commission from purchasing the Brundidge Landfill.

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While the judge has yet to address the complaint, we hope he will rule in favor of the Brundidge officials. While we, too, want to see the Brundidge Landfill reopened and working again, we do not believe the purchase by Coffee County would be in the best interest of our community.

Too many unanswered questions surround the Coffee County plan to purchase the landfill, compounded by the concern that Coffee County officials didn’t consult with Brundidge before deciding to purchase the landfill. It seems a measure of cooperation and communication never took place, and that leaves to many unanswered questions.

We’d like to see the landfill issue resolved, but we believe doing so should involve the best interests of Brundidge and the people of Pike County.

Let’s hope the courts can help bring about a fair and quick resolution.