Reader: Keep circuit clerk in office

Published 11:00 pm Friday, November 2, 2012

The voters of Pike County are getting ready to hire the Circuit Court Clerk for Pike County in the election on Tuesday, November 6.

If your choice is between a person with 17 years of experience in the Circuit Court Clerk’s office and a person with zero years of experience in any part of the Alabama court system, whom would you choose?

I am choosing Jamie Scarbrough, our Circuit Court Clerk for the past two years, and who had 15 years of experience on the Clerk’s office staff before she was appointed by the Circuit Court judges when Brenda Peacock retired.

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Her opponent should continue working for the Alabama Department of Transportation where he has worked for the past 22 years.

Jamie Scarbrough has asked for our vote and I am voting for Jamie. Please join me in electing Jamie Scarbrough, Circuit Court Clerk on November 6. Thanks.

Bert Fridlin

Troy, Alabama

Governor endorses Scarbrough for circuit clerk

My fellow Alabamaians:

Your vote on November 6 will literally determine the future direction of our nation, our state and of Pike County. If you are concerned about integrity, honesty and fairness, I would strongly encourage you to vote for and elect Jamie Scarbrough and allow her to continue to do the outstatanding work she has done as Pike County’s CIrcuit Clerk.

Under Jamie’s leadership and with her impeccable work ethic, Pike County citizens enjoy one of the most efficient Circuit Clerk’s offices in the entire state. Her years of experience and dedication to the people of Pike County have given her a level of experience and a base of knowlede that is unparrelled in this election.

By voting for Jamie Scarbrough you are voting for a candidate who has proven that she can serve in the role of Circuit Clerk. Furthermore, she has proven that she can serve with the people of Pike County and the integrity of the court system as her only priorities. Her level of integrity and her servant’s heart are apparent to me and anyone else who has ever had the privilege of meeting Jamie.

Like me, Jamie believes that Pike County’s best days are ahead of us. I believe that her experience, energy, leadership skills and unwavering determinination will help Pike County accelerate to that brighter future.

On November 6, 2012, please vote for Jamie Scarbrough and keep this dedicate, hardworking conservative exactly where she needs to be – the Pike County Circuit Clerk’s office.



Gov. Robert Bentley


(note: Bentley said no taxpayer dollars were used for this letter).