We gave ‘hope and change’ a chance

Published 11:00 pm Thursday, November 1, 2012

With the election of the next President of the United States just days away, I would like to submit a few thoughts to those who might be undecided in their decision or those who might need a bit more information to finalize their decision. My facts and statistics have originated from both the internet and television news, all can be checked if you are willing to do so.

The Federal debt today is nearing $16,200,000,000,000. Yes, that is how it is written in numeral form. The president came into office in January 2009 with a national debt of $6,370,000,000,000. This shows the debt the American population owes has doubled in less than four years.

Gas prices (national average) in January 2009 were $1.84 per gallon. The current per gallon price is $3.80. Again this price has double in under four years. Gas is a daily necessity for most Americans. If you do not purchase gas for a personal vehicle, you can be assured the cost of transportation affects your budget through the cost of your retail purchases.

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If the combination of debt doubling and daily expenses doubling happens to your household without your income doubling, you are headed for financial ruin. Is your current income twice what it was in the winter of 2009?

If you can swallow the above provable facts, possibly a more personable look at our current president will see that he is not fit to represent the distinguished United States of America.

He compared his bowling score to that of a Special Olympic participant on national television. He also (attempted) to whisper to the Russian president that he should wait until the election was over so he would have more leeway in decision making. He recently and publicly referred to his presidential opponent with a profane name. He referred to himself, again on national television, as eye candy.

Our current president’s full name is Barack Hussein Obama. Does that make you feel secure and safe as an American in the world today? Are you willing to saddle future generations of your family with more debt than the current $51,000 each already owes?

Are you satisfied with the information you have received concerning the attack on the American Embassy in Libya? Do you think it is possible for an Administration to be informed enough to take immediate credit for killing bin Ladin and so deaf and dumb about Libya? Is it possible the majority of the media is serving to re-elect Barack Hussein Obama? Should we ask Lance Armstrong’s associates if it possible to be successful for a long period of time with a cover up?

Was the probationary period at your job 46 months long? We gave hope and change a chance. It is now time to think of the future of the United States of America. It is time to address the economic and moral nightmare of our country. We Americans are a smart and informed people. Come forward on voting day and vote for the freedom of our country.

Kathy Spivey

Troy, Alabama



Henderson history teaches valuable life lessons

Just make do with what you got, that’s what my Granny Warrick would say as I grew up years ago in Henderson, Ala.

Times were hard for everyone back then, much like it is now for this country. But folks in Henderson didn’t sit back and wait for someone else to help them, no sir. Folks like my granny would dig in deeper and work harder and just make do with what they had and they never lost faith that the good Lord would watch over them when times were tough.

Ron Wells