Lawmen uncover working moonshine still

Published 10:20 pm Thursday, October 25, 2012

A concerned citizen led to the discovery and destruction of a moonshine still in Pike County that authorities say was capable of producing about $2,000 worth of product each week.

“It was a functional still,” said Alcoholic Beverage Control Board’s Lt. Thomas Price. “They had mash there and could have been ready to do another run.”

The still was found along County Road 12 in the northern portion of Pike County.

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“We got the tip and went up and walked it out and discovered the spot,” Price said. “We are trying to make every opportunity we can to see who was operating it. We are pretty sure the same people are operating in other locations.”

“It was a fairly small still, I believe an eight barrel. I don’t think they were running it every week,” said Pike County Sheriff Russell Thomas.

The still, found near Stills Crossroads, was destroyed almost as quickly as it was found on Monday.

“We develop information on a still and then we follow up and destroy it quickly,” Thomas said, noting stills are easy to move. “If you wait a day, it could be gone.”

Thomas said the still was copper, which means it was expensive related to others found in the county.

The case is under investigation and no arrest has been made in relation to the discovered still. ABC Agent Geoffrey Owens is the case agent.