Voter registration ends Friday

Published 11:00 pm Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pike County residents are in the process of deciding who to cast their votes for on Election Day, but there’s an important step they must make before they vote.

“If you aren’t registered by Friday, you can’t vote,” said Board of Registrars Chair Melissa Ingram.

Oct. 26 is the last day voters can update their information or register to vote. Forms are available to download at in order to speed up the process.

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“Lately it’s been one person, after another, and people are waiting in line to register to vote,” Ingram said. “In the last week we’ve had 1,080. It’s great that so many people are realizing the importance of this right, but we want to make sure everyone who wants to vote is prepared.”

After a voter is registered, polling places, maps, instructions and important dates can be found online at the Board of Registrars website to help the process run smoothly for Pike County voters. There is even a link for sample ballots.

“Just remember, Friday at 5 p.m.,” Ingram said. “We can’t change anything or add anyone after that time and have them eligible to vote on Election Day.”