Robinson cleared to play, Monday press conference notes

Published 5:01 pm Monday, October 22, 2012

The headlining story from Monday’s press conference was not Will Scott’s go-ahead 42-yard field goal or the play of Deon Anthony, but the return of Corey Robinson.

Offensive coordinator Kenny Edenfield  came through press row first and said if and when Robinson was cleared he would start against Florida Atlantic this week. Head coach Larry Blakeney sat down just before Robinson and said he expected the QB to be cleared soon. Robinson then took a seat and told us he had been cleared just before coming to the conference.

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Robinson Quote: “I’m cleared right now. I got cleared this morning, so I’m back this week.”

When asked about Deon Anthony‘s play and if he thought he could see reduction in his playing time, Robinson responded: “No, I ain’t losing my job to nobody. Unless somebody wants to come take it.” He went on to say that when he and Anthony are both available is hen the team is at its best.

Robinson said he didn’t remember the hit he took in the Western Kentucky game, but did remember the hospital visit. Both Edenfield and Blakeney said Robinson looked sharp in practice on Sunday, while the junior said he has a different outlook after the injury and sounds determined heading into the final five games of the season.

“I’m a changed person after sitting out that game. It really changed my outlook on things. I really changed my thought process about the entire way I’m going to approach football, the entire way I’m going to approach things from now on until I leave this place.”


Deon Anthony said he and Robinson have been talking to coaches about getting them on the field at the same time.

“We were trying to talk to Coach about trying to get me and Corey on the field at the same time. We haven’t convinced him yet.”

I asked Deon which was more sore, his legs or arm. He said he had trouble catching his breath against FIU. Also, he said he thought the 41 pass attempts was the most in his football career. He said he thought he topped at 34 at Hinds Community College.


Though Will Scott had just enough leg to boot through the 42-yarder to lift Troy over FIU, special teams coach Shayne Wasden said Scott had tweaked his groin earlier in the week, which is the reason we saw Jed Solomon handling kickoffs for Troy last week.



DT Shermane TeArt (shoulder) – Did not play vs. FIU. Questionable for FAU

QB Corey Robinson (concussion) – Did not play vs. FIU. Cleared to play vs. FAU

K/P Will Scott (groin) – Played vs. FIU. Will play vs. FAU.

G Jimmie Arnold (ankle) – Played the first two series vs. FIU allowing a sack. Will practice this week and make trip to FAU, game time decision.

LB Kanorris Davis (vision) – Had vision issues vs FIU and did not play the second half. Blakeney said head trainer Chuck Ash feels he will be fine vs. FAU

LB Dimitri Miles – Defensive coordinator Jeremy Rowell said Dimitri got dinged up vs. FIU. Miles did not play the second half of that game, but it sounded like it was more of a personnel change than an injury issue.


Blakeney got a heavy dose of questioning about Kyle Wiborn‘s two-quarter suspension. Before reading his comment, understand that the university made the call on this one not the conference. Blakeney was crediting the university for the decision and not letting it become a conference issue.

“Kyle was great. I think we did the right thing. As it turned out and the way Kyle handled it, I think it was positive for our team. By the university taking that responsibility away from the conference, making the suspension. Probably the conference had to do it, I don’t think the conference should do that kind of stuff unless it’s something that’s flagrant, against the rules, ejection kind of stuff, then I think the conference needs to come into play, but not personal fouls.”

Blakeney also addressed Aaron Williams‘ personal foul call against FIU where he  fell on a sliding Jake Medlock.

“That boy fell down. He didn’t hit that guy. If he did, he didn’t mean to.”

“I’ve always said we need to do whatever we can do as coaches, players, and officials to nurture that game. The rules need to help the officials. I’ve followed this no whistle-blowing stuff over the years and they’ve gotten to where they will absolutely not blow the whistle hardly. So, what do you tell a guy? How do you coach him? Just play as long as you think the play is still going or play until the whistle blows?”

Wilborn’s comment on sitting for the first half:

“Definitely wasn’t a good experience, I can tell you that. That’s the first time I’ve had that happen to me, just sitting on the sideline watching my team play. Hopefully, it’s just a one-time thing. This won’t ever happen again. It was definitely rough, but I’m glad it’s over with.”

Everyone in the press box sat up a bit when a flag was thrown in Wilborn’s direction in the second half. He came off the field with his helmet off and it looked like he was involved in some extracurriculars after a play. The flag went against FIU.

“I was definitely upset, too, at the moment. There was definitely some tussling going on throughout the game. I had my helmet pushed back. The flag was thrown. Initially, I thought the flag was on me and froze up for a second. It turned out it was on one of the FIU players. It worked out.”