‘Rough road’ remains ahead on Elm Street

Published 11:00 pm Thursday, October 18, 2012

The orange “rough road” sign only teases at the turmoil ahead on Elm Street.

For weeks, residents who live along or travel along Elm Street Road have been complaining and rightly so.

“It’s like driving throughout a construction zone every day,” some say.

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Dump trucks have been busy hauling dirt from a pit near Barron Road to the constuction site at Troy University where new intramural and practice fields re being created.

Every hour, 15 trucks make three round-trips each from the pit to the construction site. When finished, they will haul nearly 300,000 cubic yards of dirt to the site.

And every hour, residents dodge the rocks, ruts and dirt left behind by the trucks.

It’s dirty, dangerous and down-right frustrating, residents say.

Officials with W.S. Newell, the construction company, have promised to make repairs to the roadway once the work is complete. And Pike County officials say they are seeking grant funds to help resurface the roadway.

But that offers little solace to the residents who are driving along the jagged and dirty roadway, and who likely will see little relief for the next several weeks.

For now, at least, it remains a “rough road” ahead.