Many questions surround landfill purchase

Published 11:00 pm Wednesday, October 17, 2012

As Coffee County officials make an effort to purchase the Brundidge landfill, residents in Brundidge and throughout Pike County are left with plenty of questions.

Commissioners in Coffee County voted Wednesday to pursue acquisition of the landfill, despite questions raised during a public hearing and opposition raised by an attorney representing the City of Brundidge.

The landfill, currently not operating, is owned by Transload America, which is currently in the midst of a bankruptcy filing.

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Coffee County officials cite economic development concerns, saying they need the capacity offered by the landfill, and they’re willing to pay as much as $6 million to purchase it.

But what they haven’t offered is answers: How will they coordinate with the City of Brundidge? How will this benefit the city and its residents, financially or otherwise? How will this impact residents of Brundidge?

The apparent lack of communication between the Coffee County and Brundidge officials doesn’t bode well for future relations. And it adds to the concerns of residents.

The Brundidge landfill at one time held the promise of generating revenue for the City of Brundidge and benefitting its residents. Now, it’s fate is in doubt and residents and city officials share equal concerns about what will happen next.