Commissioners shouldn’t set holidays

Published 11:00 pm Friday, October 5, 2012

Dear Editor,

Our County Commissioners should be ashamed of themselves.

They have just voted on the holiday schedule for county employees. Why is this at their discretion? A set number of days should on the calendar from one year to the next. If a reasonable and compassionate group of people would set a standing calendar, then our county employees would not be treated as they will be during the holiday season this year.

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Our Pike County employees are to receive one day of paid holiday at Thanksgiving. And Christmas holiday is scheduled for two paid holiday days. The commissioners said employees could request additional days off using their vacation days.

I can’t help but wonder if the Commissioners themselves will be taking only these three days off during the holiday season. As “part-time” employees of the county, they do not receive holiday pay. Yet, they do not work on holidays, as evidenced in the recent news of their not having a meeting on October 8, Columbus Day.

If you have continued to read this far, let me assure you, dear reader, I am not an employee of the county. However, this does concern me. Does anyone else think this is a shameful decision by the commissioners we voted into office?

Surely the employees of the County deserve better than this.

Kathryn J. Spivey

Troy, Alabama



Stockton resident:

Vote ‘yes’ for Amendment 3

On November 6th, you will be confronted with 10 lengthy and confusing State amendments. It’s easy to overlook them or just vote a straight “no” because you disagree with a few. But please, vote YES for Amendment 3! If passed, this short and sweet amendment will designate the small community of Stockton, located in the woodlands of northern Baldwin County, as a Landmark District. What does that mean? Stockton is unique because of its abundance of historic sites and rich natural resources. As a Landmark District, this unincorporated community will be protected from annexation without the vote of its residents. It will NOT affect taxes, services, or anyone in the state. It will simply give the residents of Stockton a voice should annexation by a larger town ever be proposed. Located near the banks of the Tensaw River in the Mobile Delta, Stockton was once the most populous area in South Alabama, after Mobile, in the late 1700s. Today, it’s a quaint community filled with historic homes, stately live oaks, and an abundance of other flora and fauna. Why should you care about Stockton? Stockton’s history is part of the great tapestry that is Alabama’s history. The uniqueness of this little town embodies what is great about our State. Many generations of my family have called Stockton home. This community, its resources, and its way of life should be preserved and its residents given the right to have a say in their town’s future. Vote YES on November 6th for Amendment 3! Visit for more inforation.

Georgia Ann Connor