Everyone is either a ‘user’ or a ‘payer’

Published 11:00 pm Wednesday, October 3, 2012

As we take to the home stretch of the 2012 Presidential race, I am sure many of your readers will join me in rejoicing when it is over. While several national polls indicate an Obama win, I recall a similar scenario when President Reagan ran yet, he went on to win handily.

We expect political posturing, embellishment or just outright lying by each party during the campaign. What makes this race unique is Romney is being hammered and devastated by a clandestine produced video tape of him observing to a group of wealthy supporters that 47 percent of our population are non-income tax payers and draw a check from the government. This not only is a true statement but based on data prepared by the Congressional Budget Office and distributed months ago by the Associated Press! Yet, the Democrats are very successful in painting this as being a Romney policy statement. To further aggravate the circumstance of Romney;s remarks is that this speech as delivered to a closed event of $50,000/plate supporters. Who could have predicted that former President Jimmy Carter’s grandson would place a video camera inside to capture this faux pas of the 2012 Election.

Romney correctly observed as well that he had no hope or expectation of winning over these non-tax payers who must depend on Uncle Sam every month for their livelihood. Unfortunately, included in this group are Veterans, the unemployed, welfare and food stamp recipients, the chronically disabled, users of student loans-anyone who receives government funds. It, nevertheless is a true! Furthermore, it is expected for this segment of society to support the hand that feeds them. Obviously, President Obama had something like this in mind when he loosened restrictions on social programs resulting in food stamps recipients increasing by a whopping 17 million in just three years! A fact acknowledged by Obama but blamed on George Bush!

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As much as the Demos continue to beat Romney over the head with this video and the 47 percent, it is not him or his beliefs or policy. It is a fact! Simply stated – like it or not, we are either payers or users when it comes to government revenue – one way or the other, no middle ground. It is neither shameful or disgraceful to be a user. Statistics clearly show that 86 percent of us will ultimately be a user at some point in our lives.

Please vote your conscience in November-but make up your own mind discarding media hype

James W. Anderson


Former member of the state Republican Executive Committee and past Chairman of the Talladega County Republican Party