‘Come Home’ tickets on sale Wednesday

Published 11:00 pm Friday, September 28, 2012

Play tickets go on sale Wednesday for the 22nd season of “Come Home, It’s Suppertime,” Alabama’s Official Folklife Play.

Tickets for the 22nd season of “Come Home, It’s Suppertime,” Alabama’s Official Folklife Play, will go on sale Wednesday at Rue’s Antique building on South Main Street in Brundidge. Tickets will also be available by calling (334) 735-3125.

Play dates at the We Piddle Around Theater in downtown Brundidge are Nov. 8, 9 and 10 and 15,16 and 17.

Lawrence Bowden, president of the sponsoring Brundidge Historical Society, said ticket prices remain at $25 each and include the pre-show music, a family-style, country supper and the award-winning two-act play.

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“We still have to pinch ourselves sometimes to make sure that we’re not dreaming,” Bowden said. “When the play opened in the spring of 2002, we had no idea that it would last more than that one season. We don’t know exactly what the success of the play has been.

We think that it’s probably not any one thing. It’s a combination of things – the stories, the music, the food like Grandma used to cook, the theater itself and then, the people or as we like say, the storytellers.”

Bowden said there are no actors in “Come Home.”

“We’re just regular, ordinary people who tell the stories that have been handed down through our community for generations,” he said.

“Like we say in the play, the stories are told to the audience just like they were told to us. Now, that means that there might be a little stretching of the truth here and there, but we can’t say for sure.”

The cast of “Come Home” has a core of charter members and a lot of longtime members.

“But we also have new faces each season and they always do a great job,” he said.

“We welcome them into the ‘Come Home’ family and they become a part of our family. We hope that feeling of home and family is translated through our stories to our audiences.”

The We Piddle Around Theater is housed in the former Brundidge City Hall building, which was a WPA project.

Those who worked with the WPA were, rightly or wrongly so, accused of piddling around, thus the We Piddle Around Theater.

Bowden said a lot of hard work and little piddling has gone into the We Piddle Around Theater and its productions.

“We hope people leave believing that the piddling has been worthwhile,” he said.

For more information about events at the We Piddle Around Theater, visit the BHS website at www.piddle.org.