Pike County Republican Women host September luncheon

Published 11:00 pm Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chuck Spurlock, State Director for Senator Jeff Sessions, Ginny Hamm with the PCRW and Jeff Peacock, Alabama GOP Vice-Chairman for District 1 and 2 pose for a photo at PCRW’s September meeting.

Pike County Republican Women and Associate Members met Sept. 26 at the American Legion Hall. Guest speakers were Chuck Spurlock, state director for Senator Jeff Sessions and Jeff Peacock, Alabama GOP vice-chairman for District 1 and 2. Republican candidates for office also addressed the attendees.

A near capacity crowd listened as Spurlock described what is happening in Washington, D.C. with regards to significant issues facing the world, the nation, and Alabamians. He defended the Congress, as being “obstructionist” by saying that at least 30 jobs bills had been sent forward to the Senate but were not permitted to be presented for consideration. He said that there has been no budget passed in the last three years, thus no entitlement reform.

Legislators are frustrated that the Senate leadership ties their hands. One of the only things the Congress has been able to do is pass a Continuing Resolution to fund the government until March. However, Spurlock warned that the failure of the Super Committee would force sequestration and result in significant cuts in defense spending, nearly 20 percent in the past four years. Anti-American sentiment across the world makes the prospect unsettling.

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Without an appropriation bill, and continuation of the Bush tax cuts, Americans face a variety of tax increases, which will cripple a very fragile economy, Spurlock said. The November election should force Congress to act. Spurlock commented on the national media’s efforts to suppress the vote, the status of the Presidential race, and the President’s use of Executive Order to implement the Dream Act and remove the work requirement from welfare.

Mr. Peacock described the Grassroots Team to elect Romney/Ryan. He delineated three ways to participate: contribute time, money, and influence. He explained some of the strategies being used in “swing” states and encouraged all persons to get involved. He commented that on Nov. 7, Americans would look themselves in the mirror and ask themselves if they have regrets about their involvement in the election.

Both speakers remained to answer questions from participants. The meeting concluded with announcements. October’s speaker will be Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey and the meeting will be held at The Studio.

This article was submitted by PCRW’s Ginny Hamm.