IRA owners should be wary of new rule

Published 11:00 pm Friday, September 21, 2012

The U.S. Department of Labor is considered proposed changes in regulations that will severely restricted t he availability of investment advice for IRA (Individual Retirement Account) owners.

In working with the Financial Services institute, I wanted to share my support of efforts to direct the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) to follow a set of criteria while writing their new rule to redefine the term “fiduciary” – a rule that threatens to price millions of Main Street Americans out of financial advice on their IRAs.

Protecting my clients’ access to affordable, unbiased financial advice is my top priority. We have urged DOL Secretary Hilda Solis to release a progress report on the Department’s efforts in re-proposing this rule, and to show how it is following the criteria outlined by a strong, bi-partisan Congressional request. In these tough economic times, it’s more important than ever to protect access to advice.

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Late last year, more than 50 House Republicans and 30 House Democrats sent the Department of Labor two separate letters regarding the Department’s attempt to redefine the term fiduciary. The letters directed theDepartment to follow a set of criteria while writing their new rule.

Below are the criteria that Congress sent to the DOL to follow:

• It is carefully and effectively targeted to address well-defined and documented problems in the retirement planning advice business;

• It clearly recognizes that IRA accounts are significantly different from employer-sponsored plans because the IRA investor has nearly a limitless choice among service providers and investment products;

• It ensures that plan participants and plan sponsors continue to be able to receive the critical information needed to expand retirement savings and coverage;

• It preserves investor access to and choice among suitable financial products and services delivered by qualified financial professionals;

• It avoids costly new regulatory requirements that exceed their proven benefits for investors;

• It does not compound the investor confusion that the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) recent study under the Dodd-Frank Act identified as the primary problem for retail investors. Effective regulation must add to the public certainty, not diminish it;

• It is narrowly drafted to address well-defined and documented concerns;

• Preserves the access of IRA owners and plan participants to investment services delivered by qualified financial professionals using whatever business model best fits the investor’s objectives; and

• Ensures that companies can receive the investment information they need to establish plans and offer sound investment offers to their employees.

Jerry Carden, CPA/PFS, CRF, CRPS

LPL Financial

Reunion planners appreciate support from community

The Ramsey, Potts, Seymore, Jones’ Family Reunion Committee has always been a time for Friends and Family to come together and share the good times. The event would not have been as successful without your support. It’s a constant surprise that, no matter what the event, there you are, being a supporter.

We are very thankful to be a part of this great family. Family reunions usually take a lot of work, both physical and emotional, to get organized. Those who go to the trouble of arranging a full family reunion should be thanked for their efforts and with this we offer The City of Troy, Probate Judge Wes Allen, Pike County Sheriff’s Department, Troy Bank & Trust, State Farm Witherington Insurance Group and Jab’s Sporting Goods a huge THANK YOU. The family was truly impressed by the souvenirs you all provided. The professional manner in which you handled everything was exceptional. May God forever smile and bless your business as you grow. Thank you so very much for helping us make our reunion a great success!!

We were able to plan from A-Z exactly what was needed and wanted to incorporate in it.

Again we thank you.

Buffie Edwards,

on behlf of The Reunion Committee