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Published 11:00 pm Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Voter identification cards sent in hopes of avoiding confusion at the polls

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Voters in Pike County are beginning to receive identification cards in their mailboxes this week with instructions on where to vote in upcoming elections.

“We realize there’s a lot of information contained on the card,” said Melissa Ingram with the Pike County Board of Registrars. “But it is all helpful.”

On the front of the card, voters will see two locations for polling places. The top left address will indicate where voters should go for state and county elections. An address on the middle right of the card is where people should vote in municipal elections. In some cases, both locations will be the same.

Also on the front of the card, voters can easily see what their state house, senate, congressional, county school and commission districts are.

“These cards are a good way to make sure everyone knows where to go vote. There have been some changes with redistricting,” Ingram said.

Above a voter’s name and address on the front of the card is a voter identification number.

If all the personal information on the front of the card is correct, voters don’t need to respond in any way.

The backside of the card shows a dotted line that can be cut and the top portion of the card retained as a voter registration identification card.

The bottom of the card should only be filled out and returned to the Board of Registrars office at the Pike County Courthouse if there is an error or change of address in personal information on the front of the card.

Due to state law, changes to a voter’s registration cannot take place after Friday regarding the municipal elections.

“We can’t register anyone, or change information in the 10 days prior to an election. And if anyone has any questions, please call us,” Ingram said. “We can help.”

Ingram also noted that voters who choose to vote at a polling place where they are not assigned may only do so by provisional ballot, which means their vote is pending verification of eligibility and won’t be counted until about a week after the election.

Active voters in Troy municipal districts 1, 3 and 5 and Brundidge municipal districts are being notified first due to the upcoming Aug. 28 municipal elections.

Banks will not hold an election and Goshen residents will all vote at the Goshen Town Hall.

Ingram said the Board of Registrars hopes to send cards countywide by the end of the month, pending state approval of a change in voting centers requested by the Pike County Commission.

If anyone has a question or concern about the voter identification cards, they should call 566-1757.