CHMS flagged as ‘in school improvement’

Published 11:00 pm Thursday, August 9, 2012

Even though the system as a whole met AYP, one school in the Troy City School system has been flagged as “in school improvement” under the detailed annual performance results released Thursday.

Adequate Yearly Progress or AYP is a measurement defined by the federal “No Child Left Behind Act” that allows the U.S. Department of Education to determine how every public school and school district in the country is performing academically according to results on standardized tests.

On Wednesday, Superintendent Lee Hicks said the Troy City School system as a whole met the AYP benchmarks. At the time, he acknowledged that Charles Henderson Middle School had failed to meet AYP benchmarks in one subgroup for a second year in a row.

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When the school-by-school performance results were released to the public on Thursday. Charles Henderson Middle School was flagged as “in school improvement.”

“I realize parents are going to react when they see the red cell and the phrase ‘in school improvement,’” said Chresal Threadgill, director of curriculum, instruction, assessment and operation at TCS. “But I want them to understand what this means.”

The fact that the middle school failed to meet AYP standards two years in a row in the same subgroup (in this case, special education reading) means the school is now labeled as in “school improvement” by the State Department of Education. The designation is attached to the school for two years, and during that time educators and administrators are charged with improving the students’ performance.

Now, “it will be a more collaborative effort between the faculty, administration and the central office” to address the shortfalls and improve performance, Threadgill said. “And we’re also focusing on maintaining those other areas that are doing well.”

Under the state guidelines, parents of middle school students will be notified via letter of the designation. The letter indicates what options will be available to all students as part of the improvement process.

If the district had another middle school available that was not in school improvement, under state law parents could petition to move their students to that school. However, since TCS has only one middle school, parents will have the option of participating in the Supplemental Educational Services being offered.

“We’ve always offered free, after-school tutoring to selected students,” Threadgill said. “Now it’s available for all students.”

The program is just one of several actions the district will employ as part of the improvement efforts.

“We’re still trying to figure out what this means with our efforts to have AYP waived,” Hicks said on Thursday. “Regardless of whether or not we continue to be judged by AYP, we’re going to use the test results to try and strengthen the program.”

Hicks cited the recent purchase of a language program designed to aid special education students as part of the district’s commitment to improving the curriculum.

“We’re going to do our best to make sure it’s addressed,” Hicks said.

Threadgill said parents who have questions are encouraged to contact the Central Office or the school directly.

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