Casey improves after stroke

Published 11:00 pm Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bud Casey, co-host of the popular cable talk show, “Bud and Amos,” continues to make improvements after suffering a stroke on April 4. Casey is rehabilitating at the Arbor Spring Rehabilitation Center in Opelika.

“For a while, it looked like Bud might not make it,” said Mike Amos, talk show co-host and longtime friend. “Bud called me that morning about 4 o’clock and said he had an excruciating headache and wouldn’t be in. After he couldn’t be reached by telephone, a neighbor found him. He’d had a massive stroked and the doctors didn’t give his family a lot of hope. But, a surgeon was able to open his skull and the swelling went down. And, we’ve still got Bud.”

Amos said he talked with Casey on Wednesday and they had a good conversation.

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“Just talking to him, I could tell a definite improvement,” Amos said. “From what I understand, his long-term memory is good but he has a little problem with his short-term memory. He can move all of his limbs and he’s walking with a walker. Bud enjoys talking with people. He’s definitely improving.”

Amos said he is hopeful that Casey will be able come back to the show.

“I know if Bud has his druthers, he would want to be back,” Amos said. “He liked talking sports and he always had something interesting to say.”

Amos said the show’s not the same without Casey.

“The ‘Bud and Amos Show’ was his idea,” Amos said. “He came to Troy around 2000 to be a consultant in the athletic department at Troy University. At that time, I had a cable show, ‘Today in LA.’ Bud liked the show and suggested that the two of us have a cable sports talk show so we did. If I remember right, that was in 2003.”

Amos said Casey left the “Bud and Amos Show” for a while to take a job as a scout for the Tennessee Titans of the National Football League.

“But he came back and it was good to have him back,” Amos said.

“We’re all glad that Bud is improving. He’s strong and he’s determined and that’s helping him get better every day.”

Casey, a Dothan native, was an All-American high school football player. He was a member of Alabama coach Paul “Bear” Bryant’s first recruiting class.

He was drafted by the Miami Dolphins in 1966.

Casey coached at Northeastern State University, the University of Tampa, Georgia Tech, Texas Tech, Texas Christian University and Auburn University.

He coached under Pat Dye at Auburn for 13 years. He was the offensive backfield coach and was the position coach for Heisman Trophy winner Bo Jackson.