Enjoying the ride on Brundidge Street these days

Published 11:00 pm Friday, July 27, 2012

After all the groans and moans and detours and delays – driving down Brundidge Street in Troy on Friday was a breeze.

The dark-black, resurfaced road was free of potholes and cracks, and although the work might not be complete, the state of the road now provides a glimpse into what days will be like with a smooth ride.

The city’s sewer work and road resurfacing projects blended together and have been going on for more than a year. There have been unexpected problems, weather delays, and even a stint of time where workers couldn’t do their jobs until a nationally known company came to town to move their phone lines.

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It’s been frustrating – for everyone.

While drivers were inconvenienced, at least most were sitting in air-conditioned cars. Road crews worked in blazing heat with little thanks and mostly honks and dirty looks. The city received complaint calls and there were nasty comments circulating the community.

But, the end is now near. And the wait was worth it.

Sidewalks have been installed to make the area safer for students and employees who walk to school and work. There will be less wear and tear on vehicles as tires run smoothly along the newly-laid asphalt.

And then there’s the beatification aspect. A main road to Troy’s downtown area now looks worthy of the spot that draws shoppers, art enthusiasts, visitors to the city and those seeking seasonal entertainment.

A month or two from now, we won’t be focused on how long it took us to drive down Brundidge Street. We’ll simply be enjoying the ride.