TCS proactive with out-of-zone enrollment policy

Published 11:00 pm Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Troy City Schools Board of Education’s decision to open tuition-based enrollment to non-residents will prove interesting.

The board adopted the new enrollment policy earlier this week, after spending months debating and researching the potential impact of the move.

It’s impetus, district leaders say, is to provide options and solutions to the parents who work in Troy.

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For example, consider a parent who lives in south Montgomery County and perhaps travels to Troy to work at Troy University, Sikorsky, CGI or any other number of industries or jobs. Thanks to this policy, the parents can opt to pay $400 per semester and enroll their child in the Troy City Schools, meaning the children are close by during the day for parent access.

It’s not an alternative for students currently enrolled in Pike County Schools, officials say.

Seeking to offer options to the parents who choose to work in Troy but not live here is a proactive approach for the school district.

The new policy could be a win-win, boosting both the school system’s enrollment and providing solutions for out-of-district parents.