Ballet, hip-hop, and all that jazz featured at camp

Published 11:00 pm Monday, July 9, 2012

The reflections in the mirrored wall were familiar faces, but the legs and arms were moving in unfamiliar ways.

Fourteen young campers had entered the world of dance and, for most, it was a brand new, exciting place to be.

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As they danced, the campers responded to their reflections in the mirror. Some of the young girls smiled as they attempted to keep up with their instructors. Some frowned and others laughed when they fell behind in the dance routine or when their arms went one way and their legs another.

Spotlight on Dance camp opened Monday morning at the Troy University Recreation Center. During the weeklong camp, the spotlight will be on dance, said Tori Lee Averett, Summer Spotlight director. “Some of the campers have had some dance training and some have not. We have different skill levels but there will be something new for all of them. We’ll learn about musical theater, ballet, jazz and hip-hop, which is a version of jazz but with popular music.”

The campers have come from as far away as Chipley and Pensacola to participate. Monday was a warm up, literally, for the days to come.

“During the week, the dancers will learn a variety of dance steps and watch examples of dance steps,” Averett said. “They will create their own dance and choreograph it for a showcase performance for their parents on Friday. That will be a lot of fun for the dancers and their families.”

Averett said 14 is an ideal number for a dance camp filled with young people.

“With that number, we can give individual attention to each dancer,” she said. “Most of the girls are here to see what dance is all about – to experiment and to learn.”

Averett said that some of the girls who are participating might leave the camp with the desire to take classes while others will leave just having had a good time.

“But all of them will enjoy watching dance more because they know and understand more about it,” she said.

Catherine Bowden lives in the Florida Panhandle and attended the Summer Spotlight drama camp last summer and said she was excited to attend the Spotlight on Dance camp.

“I visit my grandparents during the summer and I wanted to come to Spotlight Dance camp to learn more about dancing and because it’s a lot of fun,” she said. “But some of it is hard and I’ve got to get use to it. I’m coming to dance camp this week and I’m coming back to Summer Spotlight Creative Drama Camp next week.

All of the camps are fun and you learn a lot and meet new friends. I’m coming every summer as long as I can. Everybody would have fun at these camps and learn a lot, too.”