Troy native’s home lost in Colorado fires

Published 6:35 am Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Colorado fires struck close to home for Ellis and Juanita Bush of Troy. Their daughter, Melody Mead, and her family lost their home in the Colorado Springs fires.

Our hearts have been stretched,” Juanita Bush said. “We didn’t know for a while whether Melody and Dave’s home would be destroyed but Melody said that is certain now that it has been.”

On Saturday, Melody Mead went out on the deck shortly after noon and saw a plume of smoke over the ridge. By evening they were asked to evacuate.

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“Melody left and took some things to a friend’s house,” Bush said. “Her husband and daughter joined her on Sunday with their cars as full as possible at the house of friends who are on vacation.”

Tuesday was Melody Mead’s birthday. She, her husband and her daughter celebrated with a quiet lunch at a local restaurant.

“When they came out of the restaurant, they saw the whole Front Range was ablaze and the flames were quickly crawling down the mountain,” Bush said. “Melody said they watched and cried. She said that as they began to drive where they are staying, the sky darkened and filled with heavy smoke and ash. It was surreal, she said. It felt like the end of the world.”

Bush said their daughter and her family are keeping things in perspective and feel God’s presence and peace by the hour.

“They are so strong in their faith and they will go on from here with whatever they need to do,” she said. “We pray for all of those who have lost their homes and those whose lives have been affected in different ways by the fires.”