Blakeney supports new playoff system

Published 9:27 pm Wednesday, June 27, 2012

As the college football world attempts to wrap its mind around the newly announced four-team playoff system put in place to determine a national champion, Troy football head coach Larry Blakeney says he has faith in those charged with making the changes to do what is the best interest of the game.

“I think it’s good,” Blakeney said. “As long as they don’t foul the bowls up too much. I trust the leadership we have in place to make the right decisions.”

On Tuesday, a presidential oversight committee approved a four-team playoff that will begin in 2014. A selection committee that has yet to be named will choose the teams. The semifinals will be held at current bowl sites with the location of the national championship game being awarded to the highest bidder.

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“I think they have put together the best system possible right now,” Blakeney said.

I’m not smart enough to sit down a figure out a system that will make every football fan in the world happy. They had a lot of people involved in making those decisions involving a playoff. We’ll see if it needs any adjustments later.”

Blakeney did say he would be opposed to a selection committee comprised of former coaches

“That’s a bid deal, to be on that committee. They have lives to live and other stuff going on,” Blakeney said mentioning the likes of Pat Dye and Bobby Bowden. “Then you have to worry about making people mad or who you’re going to leave out. There’s a lot that plays into it.”

Blakeney said a mixture of former coaches, computer ratings, and the current coaches’ poll would provide a better structure for selecting the fours teams.

While the new system may provide opportunities for teams that would have previously been left out, Blakeney feels Troy’s destiny remains under their own control.

“We’ve got to start beating teams like Arkansas, Florida, South Carolina and Mississippi State when they come up on our schedule,” Blakeney said.

We’ve had some good wins but we need to win those games on a regular basis to become part of the system. Boise State and TCU have done it and have made it ¬– it could happen.”