Now is time to get prepared for storms

Published 11:00 pm Tuesday, June 26, 2012

While Tropical Storm Debby most likely won’t be taking a turn towards Pike County, the storm did serve to prompt us to step up and take stock of our emergency preparedness efforts.

The advent of hurricane season means the threat of storms. And for those who think hurricanes can’t inflict damage this far inland, we’d remind you of Opal or Ivan … or many, many more.

While we may not always bear the brunt of tropical storm or hurricane force winds, we are in line for strong winds, thunderstomrs, tornadoes and more.

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And as EMA Director Jeanna Swindall Barnes is fond of reminding us, we should always be prepared.

The experts recommend having an evacuation plan; having prepared supply kits with everything from bottled water and prepared foods to blankets, matches, flashlights, candles and weather radios; having cash, medicines, important documents on hand or easily accessible, in case of a quick evacuation; and, whenever possible, having emergency generators available.

This weekend, in the city of Troy, businesses that sell many emergency supplies will be offering a tax-free savings on these much-needed items, from batteries to weather radios, flashlights to emergency blankets.

The tax-free holiday for emergency goods begins at 12:01 a.m. July 6 and runs until midnight that Sunday.

We encourage to take advantage of the tax break and stock up on your safety and emergency supplies — before you find yourself in need of them.