Time is now to ask about fencing rules

Published 11:00 pm Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Good fences make good neighbors, or so the saying goes.

That’s probably true, but the City of Troy wants to make sure good fences makes good sense.

That’s part of the reason the city is considering new regulations for fencing within city limits. Addressiing everything from the type of fence a homeowner can construct to the height (no more than six feet in back and sides, no more than three and a half feet in front), the proposed regulations are extensive.

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Troy City Council members conducted the first reading of the changes at their meeting on Tuesday, with no reaction from the public.

The intent of the regulations is admirable: the city seeks a way to promote safety and visibility while maintaining parameters that should serve to keep fences from negatively impacting anyone one’s property value. Moreover, the work being done on these regulations seeks to streamline and clearly articulate the city’s guidelines.

We encourage anyone who has a question or concern about the guidelines – or how they might impact a homeowner – to contact the city’s building and planning offices or a city council member. The purpose of the public comments time is to gather and allow any and all constructive public input that can yield more effective and better guidelines and regulations.

So you have a question, comment or suggestion speak up now and ask.