Troy Rec Center offering summer swimming lessons

Published 11:00 pm Friday, June 8, 2012

By Tyler Spivey

Six-year-old Zana Noel Davis was afraid to dive in the pool, but she daringly jumped in with the support of her family and teachers.

Davis’ jump into the water was a part of a summer class at the Troy Recreational Center where she is taking swimming lessons.

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The young girl said she was having a blast at her lessons and she can’t wait for the next day of instruction.

“I want to come back more,” Davis said with a big smile.

So far, Davis said she’s learned to kick her feet in order to propel her forward and stay afloat, and she’s learned to dive into the water.

Leon Davis, Zana Noel’s father, said he wanted his daughter to learn how to swim in a professional setting.

“She may be in a situation one day where she goes in the water, and I want her to know how to survive,” Davis said.

He said his daughter could only learn a few things on her own and that’s why he brought her to the recreation center.

During the summer lessons, children learn the fundamentals of swimming including how to hold their breath, blow bubbles, swim with their arms and feet and go under the water.

“There are a lot of different reasons [to take lessons],” said Hanna Stockman, a swim instructor and lifeguard at the recreation center. “In my personal opinion, I think that [it’s important] for the sake of safety, and I think for the sake of recreation.”

Kid-focused swimming lessons are held Monday-Friday at 10 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. and each lesson is a 30 minute session. Classes are open to children from three to 11 and are $35 a month.

An adult class is offered on Wednesdays.