Kid’s club begins outreach

Published 11:00 pm Monday, June 4, 2012

Determined to keep the doors to the Boys and Girls Club of Pike and Surrounding Counties open, representatives from the club took to the streets Saturday as part of an outreach program they hope will help ensure the club’s longevity.

“The Boys and Girls Club is very important because we need to help the children with their education and show them that there is a way to achieve their goals and succeed,” said Kadene Edwards, club volunteer. “We want to let the community know that there is someone out there trying to help children and get them off the streets.”

Last week, it looked as if lack of funds might cause the club to close for the summer months, but the board of directors, volunteers and staff pulled together to brainstorm ways to garner interest from the community both for participation and donations.

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“This year we’re trying to be a little more interactive,” Program Director Brandon Williams said. “We wanted to build on what we’ve done in past years and set the bar a little higher. We want to create a tradition that will be here for years because we are a unique club that incorporates so many communities in the area.”

In order to advertise their program to the community, volunteers from the organization traveled around Troy on Saturday, knocking on doors and passing out flyers. Their mission: to sign kids up for the summer program.

The club holds its summer program every year as a way to give local children daily activity in a positive and safe environment, as well as provide learning opportunities.

Children who participate in the summer program will get to take part in outdoor and indoor athletic activities and games, programs for things such as drug awareness, age appropriate classes on subjects such as money management and tutoring opportunities.

“After school you can come out and have fun and over the summer we can just enjoy ourselves,” said Malik King, 14, who has been a club member since he was seven. “We can play basketball, shoot pool or play kickball. I always enjoy myself and I’m ready to come back this summer and have a good time.”

The Boys and Girls Club will hold its summer programs beginning on June 4, running through Aug. 3, with activities every weekday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Parents who wish to register their children for the summer program at the Boys and Girls Club of Pike County can do so throughout the summer.

“Last year the turnout was pretty good and we had a lot of parents bring their children out,” Edwards said. “I’m excited to be around the kids this year. I love being able to interact with them.”

For more information about registration and the summer program call the club at 770-2582, or visit them on the web at