Councilman Reeves announces candidacy for mayor

Published 11:00 pm Friday, May 11, 2012

Jason Reeves, Troy City Councilman, announces he is seeking election for City of Troy Mayor.

Reeves has served in his city council seat representing District 3 for the past 16 years. First elected in 1996 at the age of 24, Reeves is the youngest elected official in Troy’s history.

During his four terms, Reeves believes he has proven himself to be a leader with a fresh vision.

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Influential in many successful city projects, Reeves was instrumental in the construction of the Recreation Center and Troy Public Library. He is also credited for playing an integral role in the recruitment of CGI and the development of Trojan Plaza.

“As a young professional, father and husband, I understand the value of investing in infrastructure that gives each citizen the opportunity to better themselves and their family, whether it be recreation, education or quality of community life,” Reeves said.

In addition to his service as an elected official, Reeves has been a member of the Troy Seniors Foundation since its inception and is a Past President. He was instrumental in the foundation and formation of the Colley Senior Complex through the Troy Seniors Foundation as well as the expansion and relocation of the Troy Nutrition Program.

Reeves also served on the local American Cancer Society Board, is a former Chairman for Pike County Relay for Life, Troy University Athletic Advisory Committee and is an active member of First United Methodist Church.

A graduate of Troy University, where he served as SGA President, Reeves has diverse experience in leading with integrity through many years of community service, athletics and church involvement.

Growing up the son of a police officer and school teacher, public safety and education are close to his heart and a top priority, in addition to local health care, housing, quality jobs, historical preservation and community revitalization.

“Public service, commitment to community and servant leadership were instilled in me at a very young age,” Reeves said.

Reeves credits his role as a father and his close relationship with his grandparents, Homer and Sally Reeves, as his inspiration to work daily to improve the quality of life for all citizens of Troy, from seniors to children.

“I envision Troy as a united community where each citizen has a voice and a role in making Troy the progressive city that allows our families to live, work and play successfully,” Reeves said.

“Each high school graduate, whether they seek higher education, military service, trade school or enter directly into the workforce, should have confidence that Troy is a place they can call home,” Reeves explained.

“As a city, we need to identify progressive paths that will offer our families quality opportunities for career, housing, entertainment and education that will not only retain but also grow our community. I am excited for the opportunity to share my ideas and talk with fellow citizens about how we can map out our future together.”

Reeves is shaping his campaign around the promise of “Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.”

“I have a deep appreciation for the rich history of Troy and great interest in revitalization projects that will both aesthetically renovate our historical areas while celebrating those early entrepreneurs who notched the trail for our great city today,” Reeves said.

“I certainly don’t think we can truly understand where we are today or where we should be headed without acknowledging where we have been.”

Reeves also believes that it’s necessary to assess the strengths as well as the weaknesses that the city currently faces.

“It’s time to have an honest, open measurement of where we stand today which will allow us to create solutions and leverage our advantages so that we can advance forward,” Reeves explains.

“Where is it we want to go? What do we want for our children? And how are we going to get there?” These are the questions Reeves is asking both himself and his community.

“While I have some great ideas, I understand that it will take a united community to create the progressive community that we all desire and I believe I offer a fresh vision of a future where we can all succeed together.”

“In my campaign for mayor, I am asking voters to join me and turn potential into progress. Let’s understand who we are, where we’ve been and where we want to go.

I have been humbled and honored to serve my community for the past 16 years. I simply want to see the City of Troy be a better place for my family, our neighbors and all those that have invested so much of themselves into making our city a really good place. As mayor, I believe I have the leadership, enthusiasm and commitment to make the City of Troy a truly great place we can all be proud to call home.”

Reeves, age 40, has been married to Elly Colquett Reeves for 15 years and is the father of four: Will ( age 11 ), Drew ( age 10 ), Ben ( age 8 ) and Kate ( age 4 ). He is employed with Wiley Sanders Truck Lines.

The municipal election will be held August 28. For more information on the Jason Reeves for Mayor campaign, visit, join Facebook fan page Jason Reeves for Mayor or follow Reeves4Mayor on Twitter.


This article was submitted by local candidate Jason Reeves.