Saying thanks for ‘great mentors’

Published 11:00 pm Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The teachers I have at Charles Henderson High School are more than excellent teachers. They are also great mentors. I appreciate my teachers for all they do. The teachers don’t have to get up every day and do this job. If it wasn’t for them then most students would be all over the place. The teachers at Charles Henderson High School help students with whatever we need help with. I really appreciate my teachers, especially my English teacher. If it wasn’t for her my grammar would still be horrible. It’s to the point where I don’t even like to hear other people use improper grammar. My friends laugh at me because I correct them and I use proper grammar. I thank her for that. Now I will go on interviews and sound very intelligent and will not sound like I don’t know anything. Also I am very appreciative of my computer teacher. She taught me how to do more than use a computer. I learned how to type and everything else. She also taught me things such as Excel, Access, and how to use Powerpoint the right way. Powerpoint doesn’t mean you’re just putting words on slides; it’s much more than that. The teachers on this campus are here to help us even though some take advantage of that opportunity some do not. I love the teachers here and when I graduate I will forever hold them in my heart. I have become so used to my teachers that I don’t want to leave them. When I go to college I will have to have new favorite teachers but I choose to love the teachers here forever. My computer teacher will always be dear to me because without her the only thing I would know how to do is play games. The teachers at Charles Henderson High School bend over backwards for us to make sure we succeed in life. The teachers treat us like we are they’re own children.

Mikensy Darby

CHHS student

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Take time to show teachers appreciation this week

National Teacher’s Day is important to me because it shows how much we respect the teachers in doing their jobs every day. They work hard to teach use the subjects necessary for when we have to get a job or be on our own. Most teach science, history, math, reading, language arts, and etc. These teacher help us learn how to make do. Also they help us prepare for college, this is necessary to help get higher job levels. Teachers of all grades to teach us different levels of each of these main subjects. These subjects are required because they are used in everyday life. Without teachers we wouldn’t be able to have the proper education skills to be able to have jobs. Each job has a different set of skills that are required. Yet teachers provide us with knowledge and obedience. All teachers deserve this day because they have done so much to help us grow and to meet our expectations. This day is also important reason why the teacher’s don’t give up because they know it’s their duty to perform this job with its standards. Teachers are important not just to the school but also to the students and to people around the world. . Everyday teachers work to improve not just our minds but who we are. They helped me to work to the best to my abilities, and help me become who I am today. So I also say thank you to the teachers who help students. Teachers also put up with misbehaved children which they are disciplined for their actions for disturbing others in class. Please don’t let any student get you down because everyone deserves an education, and to feel important one student may get you down but don’t let them get in your way of teaching.

Amanda Gardner



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