Horse whisperer gives live performance

Published 11:00 pm Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Horse Whisperer will be at Cattleman Park on Saturday night and the public is invited to this free demonstration of Chance Hill’s ability to “gentle” a wild horse.

At the same time, Hill is working with the wild horse, he will point out the similarities between man’s relationship with God and a horse’s relationship with his trainer, said Loyd Hodge, a member of the sponsoring Cowboys for Christ S.E.A. Riders.

“Chance Hill is a young man from Mobile who has been trained by Paul Daily, the original Horse Whisperer, the one the movie is about,” Hodge said. “Chance has been real successful as a horse whisperer and we are excited to have him here.”

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The Horse Whisperer’s performance relies on the highly developed communication system of the animal that is practiced primarily through body language. So, it is possible for humans to learn to use body language to communicate with horses.

“It’s amazing to watch Chance Hill work with a wild horse,” Hodge said. “The S.E.A. Riders will furnish the horse and certify that it is a wild horse and has never been saddled or ridden.

“The wild horse will run loose in a round pen and, while the Horse Whisperer is ministering to the audience, he will be communicating with the horse. First, he will get the horse used to a rope, and then a saddle and then he will mount the horse and ride him. In about an hour’s time, Chance Hill will take a wild horse, ‘gentle’ him and ride him.

“There’s nothing magic about what a Horse Whisperer does. He gains the horse’s confidence and the horse begins to trust him. It is an amazing thing to see.”

Hodge said there will be music prior to the show and hotdogs, hamburgers and soft drinks will be available.

Although the Horse Whisperer event is free, a love offering will be taken.