2011 newborns honored with ‘Books for Babies’

Published 11:00 pm Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Troy Junior Women’s League donated books to the Troy Public Library Wednesday afternoon in honor of the babies born to member during the year 2011.

“We are proud to donate Books for Babies in honor of six babies that were born to members of the Troy Junior Women’s League in 2011,” said Dana Sanders, project chair. “This is a long standing project of our club and, over the years, the club has donated more than 75 books to the library.”

The TJWL raises funds for its community projects with different fundraisers including Breakfast with Santa and a cake sale and most recently with the Brittany Shepard Memorial 5K Run.

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The club donates the funds for the Books for Babies project and Teresa Colvin, TPL children’s librarian, selects the books.

“The titles are selected based on the library’s collection development policy,” Colvin said. “We only order books that have been professionally reviewed. Each of the books purchased through Books for Babies has a book plate for the honored child.”

Colvin expressed appreciation to the Troy Junior Women’s League for the books that honor Jack Fischer Bryan, Bradunn Glen Golden, Jack Christopher Harbin, Easton Campbell Knight, Elizabeth Ann Murphy and Charley Kate Smith.

Jack Fischer was born to Kyle and Kayla Bryan on Feb. 15, 2011. He likes playing with trucks and balls and reading books.

The book that Colvin chose to honor him was “Where’s My Truck?

Bradunn is the son of Brannon and Emilee Golden. He was born on May 16, 2011. His favorite things to do are playing with his dog, reading books and listening to music. He also likes his binkie, Gus, very much.

Bradunn’s book of honor at the library is “Quiet Bunny and Noisy Puppy.”

Jack Christopher was born on Nov. 22, 2011 to Stephen and Katie Harbin.

Jack likes sucking on his hand, talking and taking baths.

Colvin chose “King Jack and the Dragon” as the book that will be donated to the library in his honor.

Easton is the son of Jeffrey and Erikka Knight. He was born on Dec. 2, 2011. He enjoys eating, napping and playing with his big sister, Julianna.

The book that honors Easton is “Baby, Come Away.”

Walter and Brooke Murphy are the proud parents of Elizabeth Ann, who was born Sept. 27, 2011. Elizabeth Ann likes playing with dolls, swinging and rocking with her “GG.”

Because she likes swinging so much, Colvin selected the book, “Higher! Higher!” in her honor.

Charley Kate is the daughter of Tom and Sunny Smith. She was born on Dec. 21, 2011. She likes her Praise Baby, riding in the car, visiting family members and play dates with friends.

“Time for a Hug” is the book that was chosen to honor Charley Kate.

“We want to encourage reading in young children and we enjoy seeing the children come to the library as toddlers and having ‘their’ books read to them,” Colvin said. “When they become readers, they look for their special book and take great pride in being able to read it. We thank the Troy Junior Women’s League for its support of our children’s program.”