Fountain wins design contest

Published 10:50 pm Monday, April 16, 2012

Brooklyn Fountain was a little apprehensive when a smiling lady approached her at lunch Monday with a bouquet of balloons. And, at first, she didn’t comprehend what the lady said to her.

“Congratulations, Brooklyn, you are the winner of the 2012 TroyFest T-shirt design contest.” But, when her teacher Candis Keesee told her “You won, Brooklyn. You won the T-shirt design contest,” the Pike Liberal Arts School kindergarten student broke into a smile of her own as her classmates applauded her victory.

Vicki Sanders, coordinator of the annual TroyFest T-shirt Design Contest, said the entries for this year’s competition were outstanding.

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“Each year, the entries get better and better,” Sanders said. “There were so many really good designs but the committee just kept coming back to Brooklyn’s. It is so colorful and so much fun. It’s so happy that very time I look at it, I smile and laugh. We just couldn’t get away from it.”

Brooklyn’s design is an owl perched on a tree branch.

“I was going to have an ice cream cone but somebody had already done that so I made mine an owl,” Brooklyn said. “I was going to put green like grass. That’s why the owl has green. And, I like red and flowers. So I put a red limb and flowers in the owl’s hand.”

Brooklyn was excited to be the winner and to have her design on “every one of the TroyFest T-shirts,” but most of all, she is excited to tell her little brother.

“He will be three years old on Wednesday and I can’t wait to tell him I won,” she said.

Sanders said the TroyFest committee chose blue and orange for this year’s T-shirts.

“So, the colors on Brooklyn’s design will be a little different according to the color of the shirt,” she said. “But both T-shirts will have happy owls and be fun T-shirts.”

TroyFest is celebrating 10 years this year and the T-shirt Design Contest has been a part of the festival since the beginning.

“We wanted to involve the children in the festival and giving them the opportunity to design the festival T-shirt was a way to get them interested in the festival and to encourage them in their artwork,” Sanders said. “The contest generates a lot of interest about the festival and the festival T-shirts are always be big hit.”

Sanders expressed appreciation to all of the children who participated.

“We hope that all of those who participated will all come out and enjoy the fun activities that we have planned just for children,” she said. “TroyFest is going to be a lot of fun.”