Troy University hosts spring dance concert

Published 11:00 pm Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Troy University’s Spring Dance Concert, titled Juxtaposed, will be at 7:30 Friday and Saturday nights at the Claudia Crosby Theater on the campus of Troy University.

Elie Lazar, artistic director of the performance, said that he called the dance concert “Juxtaposed” because the pieces in the concert are different yet positioned side by side.

The concert has more of an artistic flare than concerts in the past and the pieces are longer.

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“The concerts will be composed of seven works where the vocabulary of movement, range of music, costumes, lights and scenes come together to showcase an energetic, exciting and meaningful program,” Lazar said. “It is always trilling for me to direct this kind of program, where I can depend on the creating of dance works by different chorographers.

“The individual styles and approaches bring a unique and personal endurance that is a winning recipe to introduce dance both to newcomers and to patrons.”

Lazar said the concerts will have the chance to show the true meaning of a collaboration effort that presents an expressive and entertaining style through out including live piano playing, by Troy University faculty professor Dr. Hui- Ting Yang, musical theater vocalists, actors from the theater departments, hip hop dancers and members of TDRE, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary.

“My personal experience always reminds me of the place dance has in the community,” Lazar said.

“Those who experience it as a true dance program and not only as a recital at a local studio, cannot forget the amazing feeling of seeing the transformation happen to the human body while using shapes, jumps, turns and pattern.

“The art is a giving gift to us all, and can have its magic only when we allowed it to enter into our life. Live performances give the moment and present a place were they cannot be forgotten or repeated.

Choreographers in the performance include Tracy Gilland, an assistant professor of dance; Lazar; and students, Kaitlyn Morgan, Caitlin Parish, and Sydnii Todd.

Todd and Morgan are graduating seniors. Parish is a sophomore.