Christian band seeks to impact lives with music

Published 11:00 pm Wednesday, March 14, 2012

“The Museum,” a nationally known Christian band, will be in concert at Cattleman Park at 6 p.m. Saturday. The concert is sponsored by several local churches in Troy. No admission is charged.

“This will be a community-wide ‘Night of Worship’ led by ‘The Museum,’” said Jeremy Davis, student pastor, Hephzibah Baptist Church in Troy. “The desire of the sponsoring churches and the student and campus ministries is to see the Body of Christ in Troy join together for a ‘Night of Worship.’”

“The Museum” is a major recording group in the Christian music industry that has a heart for missions.

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“‘The Museum’ leads an energetic worship service,” Davis said. “They also share their commitment to the fight against human suffering around the world. Human trafficking is a main focus of this group of young Christians.”

“The Museum” has made a pervious appearance in Troy and impacted the lives of both high school and university students.

Kristin Wood, a Troy University student, said she truly worships God when she listens to the music of “The Museum.”

“Their music is so heartfelt and meaningful,” she said. “You can feel their love for Christ in every song they sing. My personal favorite is ‘Alleluia.’ The lyrics to this song touch my heart every time I listen to it. The members of ‘The Museum’ are great guys and have awesome music. Everyone should come to their concert, it’s something that you definitely don’t want to miss. God moves through these guys in a very unique way. They have a campaign about ending slavery that is really cool. Their stories will open your eyes to things that you don’t normally think about. We don’t realize that slavery still exists, but it exists all over the world and this isn’t okay. God calls us to reach out to the needy, and that is one thing that this awesome group of guys is trying to do.”

Kristen McClendon, also a Troy University student, said that “The Museum” is a band that not only talks the talk by using the talents God gave them to glorify His name through worship, but they also walk the walk by partnering with the Not For Sale campaign to fight against human trafficking and slavery around the world.

“In their partnership with Not For Sale, ‘The Museum’ acts as a liaison between their audience and the organization, which works to improve slavery-prone societies for long-term solutions,” said Emily Melton, a student at the University of Alabama. “‘The Museum’ plays quality worship music that is universally appreciated. They cater to a wide audience. It’s great to see that this is an all-inclusive event. It isn’t just for one small sector of the community, it’s for everyone, and it is simply about worshipping the Lord and doing his work.”

Cole LaBrant, a Pike Liberal Arts student, said when he first heard “The Museum,” he knew from the very first song that they were going to be great.

“They aren’t only a good band; they are also really nice guys. Some of my friends and I talked to them a little while and they were just fun normal guys. ‘The Museum’ is also great because they are trying their best to bring awareness to slavery and the sex trade across the United States and around the world by selling t-shirts, CDs, and wristbands. ‘The Museum’ stands for a great cause, and I am super excited to hear them play again.”