The Museum to perform at for county-wide night of worship

Published 10:39 pm Monday, March 12, 2012

Churches all across Pike County are extending an invitation for everyone to come together for a “Night of Worship” with the popular Christian music group, “The Museum” at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, March 17, at Cattleman Park. Admission is free.

“This performance by ‘The Museum’ is a combined effort of many churches in Pike County,” said Jeremy Davis, a local pastor who spoke for the church group. “It is not tied to any one church or any one denomination so it is not being held on a church campus. We want this to be a huge community wide event because of the impact that it can have on the lives of people of all ages. This event is a music ministry that is geared toward the entire church family.”

‘The Museum’ leads an energetic worship. They will share their heart for missions and their fight against human suffering.

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“The Museum” is a major recording group in the Christian music industry.

“The group got its start when singer Ben Richter and guitarist Geoffrey Ashcraft moved to Georgia and plugged into a church where drummer/programmer Josh Kirk was the janitor,” Davis said.

Soon they were leading worship services together and then traveling on music mission trips overseas.

“In Romania, Kirk was deeply moved to be a part of a large Christian gathering in the same town square where communism had been overthrown in 1989,” he said. “A nearby museum, containing humble evidence of that revolution, left an indelible impression. The band decided to be called ‘The Museum’ because, it is their hope, that their music and those they share it with can be the evidence that Christ has done a revolution in their hearts.”

The Museum is involved in a ‘Not for Sale’ campaign that is focused on the issue of modern day slavery.

“There are 27 million slaves in the world today,” Davis said. “That’s something that is not talked about but it’s happening all over the world and in the United States. Atlanta is the hub of human trafficking.  Slavery is not something you hear about every day but slavery is a huge thing. It’s happening underground and it happens every day.

“At the “Night of Worship,” these Christian young men will talk about what’s going on in the world and what we, as Christians, can do about it. They will share their experiences with organizations on the mission field. They will talk about what they have seen and the role that local churches can play in alleviating suffering in the world.”

Davis said the members of “The Museum” believe that the local church is the hope of the world so they put it at the center of their ministry. “We encourage everyone to join us for this ‘