Mother thankful as son recovers from heart surgery

Published 6:16 pm Friday, March 9, 2012

When Micah Washington Rogers was born, he was the picture of health. He weighed 10 pounds and 7 ounces and was nearly 24 inches long.

“We never would have thought Micah would have to battle heart disease,” said his mom, LaShea Money-Rogers. “But, two weeks later, we learned the Micah had heart murmurs. We were told that he had two holes in his heart. It was a shock to learn that but it was something that Micah could live with.”

Money-Rogers said that Micah’s heart condition was always in the back of her mind and she prayed continually for his health.

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But, on Jan. 30, 2012, when Micah was 17-months old, he was diagnosed with a condition that was preventing the flow of blood to his heart and his family was told that surgery was necessary.

“Micah was diagnosed one day short of the death of his grandmother, Johnnie Mae Wilson Money, who died after undergoing a triple heart bypass operation,” Money-Rogers said. “Micah’s surgery was originally set for February 8 but because of the many sick babies at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, his surgery was postponed until Feb. 23.”

Money-Rogers said she didn’t know how she was going to make it through her son’s surgery. “I started crying when they told me that Micah had to have surgery and couldn’t stop,” she said. “I was so worried about him. You don’t think of a little baby having heart surgery.”

Money-Rogers said the most difficult time was when little Micah was wheeled off to surgery. “I felt so helpless,” she said.  Micah was a good patient and a very determined little boy. “He wanted to get well so he could go home,” his mom said. “But, while he was in the hospital, he never stopped smiling. He loves to dance and every time music came on television, he would start dancing. Everybody had a good time with him. His spirit was amazingly positive. That just shows how strong a little boy can be.”

In just three short days, Micah was released from the hospital. “It was miraculous,” Money-Rogers said. “For him to have heart surgery and be at home in three days was really a miracle.”

Money-Rogers said that, when a family goes through a crisis with a small child, the support and prayers of family and friends lifts them up. “We had a great support system from family and friends who prayed continually for us,” she said.

“And, had it not been for Micah’s heart condition being found early, we might not have him today. I would like to encourage all parents to be aware that, when a child is always tired and has problems breathing, that might be an indication of a serious problem.”

Have your child checked by a physician if he shows symptoms of something serious. We are blessed that Micah’s condition was found early and that prayer and the skilled hands of doctors brought him through.”  Micah is doing well and is up and playing with his brother, Eliakem Money, 10, and his baby sister, Skyy Rogers, seven months. “His appetite is returning and his sense of humor is keener than ever,” his mom said.