Brundidge City pond reopens today

Published 10:59 pm Wednesday, February 29, 2012

After being closed for several years, the Brundidge City Pond will reopen today and permits to fish “in town” are available at the Brundidge Police Department.

Permits are $100 and are good one year from the day of purchase. The permits include the family within the household.

The pond is stocked with bream, bass, catfish and crappie. Funds raised from the sale of permits will be used for the upkeep of the pond and

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Glenn Adkins, chief of the Brundidge Volunteer Fire Department, said that an Alabama fishing license is also required to fish the city pond.

“We have checked with the game warden and, even with a permit, you still have to have a fishing license,” he said. “After you reach a certain age, a fishing license is no longer required. I’m not sure of the age but that’s a good question to ask when you go to get your license, if you think you might be that age.”

The pond will be open seven days a week from dawn to dusk. Boats with trolling motors are permitted on the pond.

The Brundidge VFD has the responsibility of maintaining the pond and also has the authority to patrol the property and write tickets for trespassing and fishing without a permit.

Adkins said that, at some point in time, the pond and adjoining property were donated to the fire department.

“Keeping up a fishing pond is a big responsibility,” Adkins said. “And to keep the pond open, we have to have the cooperation of those who use it.”

Adkins said the members of the Brundidge Volunteer Fire Department are again accepting that responsibility and will depend on those who purchase fishing permits to be good stewards of the property.

The Brundidge City Pond is located behind Lakeview Cemetery on the north side of town.