‘Splatterbeat’ coming to Pioneer Museum

Published 4:29 pm Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Splatterbeat movement is sweeping the nation and Troy, Alabama is right in its path.

“Splatterbeat!” is coming to the Pioneer Museum of Alabama amphitheater at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 8 and everyone is invited to come and get colorful.

“Splatterbeat! is super sensory, messy fun,” said Rachael Greve, director of the Pioneer Museum of Alabama. “It’s a glow-in-the-dark paint drumming and rainbow laser light experience.”

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Simply put, drummers from the Troy University percussion ensemble will splatter UV attractive paint as they drum giant metal trash cans.

“As the drummers strike the paint-filled lids of the trash cans to the beat of the music, there will be explosions of paint that cover them and anything close around,” Greve said. “While the drummers are drumming, a laser show that’s going on behind them will mimic the beat of the music. It will be a dazzling show of color.”

The amphitheater will be completely dark except for the lights from the laser show and the flashing colors of the day-glow paint.

“When you are in the dark, your other senses will be heightened,” Greve said. “So being in the dark will force the audience to ‘hear’ in Technicolor.”

After the drum line performance, the audience will be invited to join the beat and “Splatterbeat!”

“Drum stations will be set up around the amphitheater for those who want to bang away at making art and music,” Greve said. “Their drumming will have the same effect, with colors exploding all around and all over them.”

Although the paint is water based, Greve said it would be a good idea to wear old clothing, including shoes. “The paint should wash out but it might not.”

By offering “Splatterbeat,” the Pioneer Museum is stepping out of its comfort zone.

“This is very contemporary on our part,” Greve said. “‘Splatterbeat!’ is very metropolitan and cool and cutting edge. But there was a huge deficit in our arts programs for the high school and college demographic. We wanted to provide an arts event for that age group.

“LSU just had a Splatterbeat event, as have many universities all around the country. Little clubs are cropping up everywhere and we are excited to offer an experience to create musical, visual art here in Troy and Pike County.”

Tickets for “Splatterbeat!” are $10 each and are available from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. at the Pioneer Museum of Alabama. The last day to purchase tickets is March 5.

Glow in the dark concessions ions, including bracelets and necklaces will be on sale performance night.

“Splatterbeat” is the only fundraiser for the Pioneer Museum of Alabama but not the only fun-raiser.