Celebrating 125 years of growth and success

Published 11:00 pm Friday, February 24, 2012

Troy University celebrated 125 years on Friday, complete with a balloon drop and a giant cake.

But the university’s anniversary is about much more than celebratory party. It’s about a vision, leadership and partnerships that have developed highly regardede, worldwide university system anchored right here in Pike County.

When Troy was first started – as a teachers’ college – it served a tremendous need by educating and preparing men and women to help teach future generations.

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Now, more than a century later, Troy continues to serve ever-changing and evolving needs through its global university, its cutting-edge use of technology to bring education to military bases and rural schools alike, and its continued commitment to producing graduates who are ready to make a difference in the world around them.

Throughout its long a studied history, a key part of the university’s success and growth has been its “town and gown” relationship with Troy and all of Pike County. Dr. Jack Hawkins Jr., chancellor, talks candidly about the university’s growth and its relationship with the community in today’s Profile 2012 edition.

“What’s good from Troy University is good for Troy, Alabama, and what’s good from Troy, Alabama, is good for Troy University,” he says.

While that may sound a bit cliche, it’s quite true. The symbiotic relationship betwen the university and the community has helped generate the thriving retail base in our community, the infastructure crucial to our growth (from sidewalks to street repairs and Internet access) and the growth of our economy through the opening of such businesses as CGI.

Toss in some Division I athletic action, a healthy dose of cultural arts, and the enviable opportunity to secure a top-notch education right in your backyard and it’s easy to see why Troy University and Pike County have been good for each other.

So here’s to 125 years of growth and history … and to a bright future together.