Good on ya, Pike County

Published 5:30 pm Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sometimes, something can happen that just ruins your whole day. But, it’s good to know there are kind people out there who don’t mind lending a hand to make your situation a little better.

Thursday, I was on my way out to the Goshen Volunteer Fire Department. I’d made it about halfway down Little Oak Road when my oil light came on and one of the nastiest noises I’ve ever heard began to radiate from under my car’s hood.

Out loud, I said, “That’s not good,” as if someone could hear me.

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It was raining, and I was appropriately dressed for work, not for playing mechanic.

I jumped out and checked my oil level. That’s when a nice gentleman and woman stopped to see if I needed any help.

At that time, I was still hopeful I would crank my car back up and everything would magically be OK.

The man gave me some advice and said if the oil level was OK, I could possibly make it either to the fire station, or back to Henderson Highway, but I shouldn’t drive it very far.

I got back in the car, turned it around, and headed back to Troy. I didn’t make it far before deciding I should pull over and not drive any further.

I pulled out my cell phone and started to dial my fiancée to come and help. And, of course, there was no cell service.

So, there I was, walking down the road that no one was traveling on, hoping that I could find a house with a car in the driveway.

The third house I came to had a car in the front yard. I knocked, a little soggy in my dress and boots. No answer. I knocked again. No answer.

Right as I turned to leave, the door opened and the nicest woman explained to me she didn’t have a landline, but I could try to use her cell phone that was with a different company.


I called for help and then she was kind enough to let me call the people I was on my way to meet.

I didn’t make it to the story, but I did meet some folks who let me know Pike County is full of good people who are willing to help out a stranger in need.

Thanks, bunches, to the people I met on Thursday morning. I hope to run into you again, under better circumstances. And if anyone can recommend a good mechanic, I’m all ears!