Brundidge presents redrawn districts

Published 11:00 pm Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Brundidge City Council worked from a short agenda Tuesday following an official public hearing concerning redistricting.

After the city’s redistricting map submitted to the U.S. Justice Department was found to have contained flawed data, the city council members had to go back to the drawing board to come up with plans for a redistricting map that would meet the approval of the Justice Department.

The council has proposed two maps and the public hearing on Tuesday was the second opportunity for citizens to address the council with any questions or concerns about either or both maps.

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City Manager Britt Thomas said that the population of each of the districts should be as close to the average population of the city as possible. The city’s population, according to the 2010 census, is 2,076 so the ideal population for each of the five districts is 415.

Thomas reviewed the maps which each having a deviation of 3.37.

The population distribution for Map One had District 1 with 419 people; District 2, 417; District 3, 408; District 4, 410; and District 5, 422.

Proposed Map 2 has a population distribution of 422 in District 1, 417 in District 2, 408 in District 3, 415 in District 4 and 414 in District 5.

Thomas said the numbers reflect the population of the districts not the number of voters.

The majority population of District 1 is white with 270 whites and 142 blacks. District 2 has black population of 290 and 116 whites. District 3 has 230 whites and 161 blacks. District 4 is a majority black district with 314 blacks and 80 whites. District 5 is also a majority black district with 399 blacks and 12 whites.

District 1 has 1 person in the American Indian/Alaskan Native category and 2 in the “other” category. The population distribution for District 2 is 2, American Indian/Alaskan Native residents and 3 other. In District 3, there are 3 American Indian/Alaskan Native residents, 5 Asian residents and 6 other. District 4 has 2 American Indian/Alaskan Native residents and 2 other. District 5 has 2 American Indian/Alaskan Native residents and 7 Asians.

Individuals who chose two or more races are District 1, 4; District 2, 6; District 3, 3; District 4, 12 and District 5, 2.

The Council will vote on the maps at its Feb. 21 meeting to meet the Justice Department’s deadline of Feb. 28.

Thomas said anyone who would like to view the maps is encouraged to visit City Hall or go the city’s website