La Parota slated to re-open in new location

Published 6:31 am Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good news for La Parota fans. The restaurant will be back!

The closing of La Parota on Jan. 20 was only temporary while management looked for a location to build a new establishment.

“Monarcas is too small for the amount of people who came in both restaurants, and some people liked Parota better. So, the plans are to open another Parota,” said Monarcas Assistant Manager Luis Mendoza.

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Mendoza explained that the town has been growing and management feels as though Troy can continue to support both of the sister restaurants, especially since each boasts different menu items and atmospheres.

The new restaurant won’t be on the same site as the old La Parota.

Early discussions have mentioned the idea of a 1,000-square-foot building, but location hasn’t been firmed up.

“Good locations are hard to find and you need to look at every detail, from the exits and entries to convenience,” Mendoza said.

Even though the building and location will be new, Mendoza said they hope to ensure the same “homey” vibe that the older La Parota had.

“We want it to be the same style,” Mendoza said. “We know people liked that.”

The decision to construct a new building came as the lease on the old La Parota location ended.

Most equipment from the former La Parota has been moved into storage and all food was relocated to Monarcas. Mendoza said many staff members were able to make the move to Monarcas, as well.

Although he said he didn’t know when the restaurant would re-open because the new building is still in the planning phase, Mendoza hopes it will be no longer than 12 months before customers sit down to dinner at the new La Parota.