Purple Heart vets raise money for Wounded Warriors

Published 2:21 pm Friday, January 6, 2012

There will be one lucky team, but two lucky fans on Super Bowl Sunday this year.

As part of a fund-raiser to help local wounded veterans, autographed Mark Ingram and Cam Newton jerseys are up for grabs.

“This is not money that’s going to New Jersey or anywhere else,” said K.T. Cole, senior vice commander of the 2205 Chapter of the Military Order of the Purple Heart. “The money will be used to help veterans locally.”

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The order, made up of more than 100 wounded veterans in the Montgomery and Pike county areas, strives to assist veterans as they come back from combat.

“The Veteran’s Association does a super job helping people out,” Cole explained. “But it takes time.”

That’s where the order is able to step in. Cole said the group works mostly to aid veterans who suffered severe trauma and are amputees.

“If they need food, we get them food. We try to give them psychological help, too,” Cole said.

Cole was a marine in Vietnam and was injured by schrappnel when a grenade landed close to him.

“We didn’t understand about PTSD,” Cole said. “We came home and we went to work.”

That’s one reason Cole, as well as other members of the order, are passionate about assisting their fellow wounded veterans.

“We want them to know that we care, that there is help,” Cole said. “It’s important because when a kid comes back, he’s going through things he’s never been through before. Even adjusting to family can be hard.”

Community members interested in purchasing a chance to win one of the jerseys for $10 can reach Cole at 334-372-2200.

“Troy is a very patriotic town,” Cole said. “The people here have always been very supportive and we’re counting on them again.”

Chances can be purchased until Super Bowl Sunday, the same day of the drawing. The jerseys will come with certificates of authenticity and all proceeds will go to help wounded veterans.