Resolution Time

Published 9:19 am Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brian Kervin has been working out at Troy Health and Fitness for six years and says consistency is the key to staying fit and healthy.

Some of the most pledged New Year’s resolutions are to eat healthy, get fit, lose weight and reduce stress. But, all of those goals go hand in hand.

Eating healthy and getting fit are good ways to lose weight, and eliminating stressors will help you let go of some pounds, explained Troy Health and Fitness owner Lee Outlaw.

Outlaw’s first advice for building a healthier you: Be realistic.

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“When you see TV shows like the ‘Biggest Loser,’ it reinforces the idea that people should be losing 10-15 lbs. each week,” Outlaw said. “But that isn’t sustained weight loss.”

A reasonable expectation if you are making good eating choices and being consistent in an exercise routine is about a 2 to 3 lbs. loss per week.

“The easiest change to make in starting a program is to try moderate exercise or weight training,” Outlaw said.

By burning calories, you are multiplying the work you are doing as you are leaving unhealthy calories off your plate. But you can’t forget to eat, Outlaw said. Your body needs energy to work out.

Outlaw also recommended cutting back to live a less-hectic life and said to be sure to get seven or eight hours of sleep.

“Your body will de-stress,” Outlaw explained. “When you are stressed, you are going to hold onto weight.”

When it comes to eating better, Outlaw said to plan your meals out, eat slowly, drink lots of water and exercise portion control.

“It’s going to take sweat and effort. They can’t make a pill for it,” Outlaw said. “But you have to be consistent and not get discouraged. Once you get into shape, it’s a lot less maintenance to stay in shape.”

Brian Kervin has been training at Troy Health and Fitness for six years. As an experienced weightlifter, his suggestion for a conditioning plan you can stick with is to try not to overdo it.

“Go for low weights and high reps,” Kervin said. “Try cardio three days a week and keep at it.”

Michael Ingram finishes his workout with pull-ups on Friday. He’s dropped almost 45 pounds since he began an exercise program.

One person who can speak to the benefits of deciding to get in shape is Michael Ingram.

“I couldn’t even lean over to tie my boots to go to work,” Ingram said. “I couldn’t walk across the parking lot without being out of breath. I came in here and my energy just went up.”

About two years later, Ingram is now about 45 lbs. lighter and excited to be able to keep up with his kids.

“I’ve gotten to where I love it,” Ingram said. “Just stick with it. Don’t give up. I’m extremely happy.”