What’s in a name?

Published 9:27 am Thursday, December 29, 2011

Virginia Spurlock of Tennessee and Virginia Spurlock of Troy gathered with their families for a Christmas Eve dinner after a candlelight church service. The two women aren't related, but became friends after their sons met.

‘No relation’ Spurlock families forge new friendships


Virginia Spurlock went to church, then sat down to Christmas Eve dinner with Virginia Spurlock this year. The two women aren’t related.

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To make the story more interesting, there was an Amy Spurlock and an Amy Spurlock Smith at the table, both there with their sons named Sam. The two Amy’s aren’t related either.

The Spurlock saga started back in 2001 when Jeff Spurlock and his wife Amy moved to Troy.

“Probably one or two people a week, for years, would ask me, ‘How are you related to Jerry?’ ” Jeff Spurlock laughed. “I’d always shake my head and tell them I’d never met Jerry.”

After five years, Jeff Spurlock finally met Jerry Spurlock. And, as it turns out, Jerry had also been asked if he and Jeff were related.

As Jeff and Jerry became friends, Jerry introduced Jeff to his mother, Virginia.

“I said, ‘This is uncanny,’ ” Jeff recalled. “ ‘MY mother is named Virginia.’ ”

And the similarities between the two families – one from Troy, the other from Tennessee – began to unravel even more.

“When we moved to town and I’d meet people and say my name was Amy Spurlock, people looked at me like ‘no you’re not,’ ” Amy said.

As it turned out, Jerry’s daughter Amy Spurlock Smith was a teacher at Troy Elementary School.

Amy Spurlock Smith even became kindergarten teacher to Amy and Jeff’s son, Sam. Right in line with the coincidences, Amy Spurlock Smith and her husband later named their son Sam.

The two families have gotten together a few times over the years and the two Virginias were tickled to meet each other.

“We are both widows, so it’s just good fun,” said Jeff’s mother, Virginia.

After the two Virginias first met, they got to know each other better over occasional letters between Troy and Tennessee.

“I am just crazy about her,” Virginia Spurlock, Jerry’s mother, said of Jeff’s mother.

“When we see each other we hug,” Jeff’s mother said. “It’s nice to see her children and her grandchildren.”

“Their sons are just as smart as my grandchildren are,” Jerry’s mother laughed. “It just fits that we should end up together.”

Jeff’s mother echoed that sentiment, “I am sure, somewhere, way back, there has to be some connection.”