Utility cut-off date changing

Published 6:16 am Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Beginning with their January bill, City of Troy Utilities customers should take note of an important change passed by the Troy City Council Tuesday night.

Instead of the cut-off day for non-payment being the third day of the following month, it will now by the 20th of the current month. That’s the same day a nonpayment fee is currently imposed.

The policy isn’t a new idea for the city. The plan will be reverting to the payment process used previously in Troy.

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“Moving the cut-off day to the third of the month was an attempt to try to help some people who might have checks that were coming in,” Lunsford said. “But it did not have the impact that was anticipated.”

Lunsford said the date extension only caused late fees to pile up for customers.

“We want to assist people who are consistently paying late fees,” Lunsford said.

Currently, there is a minimum $5 delinquent fee for electricity and $2 delinquent fee for water charged if bills are not paid by the 10th of the month. On the 20th, an extra $10 nonpayment fee is imposed. On the 3rd, service is disconnected.

Following the new plan, all fees will still apply. However, the cut-off date will happen on the same day the nonpayment fee is imposed.

Lunsford said customers who are in arrears in January will have their debt split into 12 equal payments to appear on each month’s bill over the next year.

“We feel encouraged about it,” Lunsford said. “With education it will be for the benefit of the city and the benefit of many of our citizens.”

In other decisions:

* Council approved permission for Barbara’s Taxi to apply for a business license.

* Council approved purchase of 432 and 436 Elm St.

• Council awarded three-year contract to Care Ambulance service.

• Council approved removal of a dilapidated building at 329 Orion St.