Troy chorale group releases ‘Fields of Gold’ CD

Published 11:00 pm Friday, December 9, 2011

After a year of preparation and planning, the John M. Long School of Music, Ilium Records and the Troy University vocal jazz group, frequency, have announced the release of the CD, “Fields of Gold.”

Dr. Diane Orlofsky, founder and director of frequency, was captivated by a very special vocal ensemble sound.

“I wanted to program vocal jazz music like the music I heard in the recordings of Take Six, Manhattan Transfer, Real Group and Rajaton,” Orlofsky said. “I was pleased to find that sound was realized in the music of a very talented composer/arranger, Greg Jasperse. His signature sound was the direction that I knew frequency should be identified with – close harmonies, sensitive treatment of text and something that is uncommon to the vocal jazz arena – great sacred vocal jazz arrangements.”

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Knowing what she wanted, Orlofsky sent a Facebook message to Jasperse, who was in Los Angeles.

“Mr. Jasperse is an internationally renowned composer, arranger, clinician, guest conductor and working musician,” Orlofsky said. “He is a member of the vocal jazz groups, Sixth Wave and Vertical Voices. Many people have heard some of his arrangements without knowing it. He arranged and produced music for the hit television series, ‘Glee.’”

Orlofsky said she had little hope that Jasperse would actually answer her inquiry.

Much to her surprise, he responded quickly and they began a friendship and shared a musical vision that resulted in the CD recording session last May.

Jasperse traveled to Troy several times during the preparation stages of this project as well as for the recording and mixing sessions.

“Although the group was new and relatively inexperienced, he saw and heard something very special in this talented group of students,” Orlofsky said.

To the delight of Orlofsky and the members of frequency, Mr. Jasperse agreed to continue his collaboration and to produce a new recording of his music.

“Mr. Jasperse gave frequency the gift of his time, his talent, and his music,” Orlofsky said. “This project has been a wonderful collaboration between Mr. Jasperse, me, Robert W. Smith, executive producer, Ilium Records and the production team, Bob Bullock, the chief engineer, and the singers.

“I am so very proud of this musical product and I hope that the community will support the efforts of this wonderful vocal jazz group.” Copies of the CD are available in the Barnes and Noble bookstore on the campus of Troy University and through the Ilium Records website,