Johnson: Auburn has whatever ‘it’ is

Published 8:00 pm Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If I could play the lottery with letters, I would play A-U-B-U-R-N every week.

How many different, crazy ways can Auburn win football games? And not just this year. Remember ‘Punt Bama, Punt’ in 1972? Bill Newton blocks two punts and the David Langner returns both of them for touchdowns resulting in a 17-16 Tiger victory over then undefeated Alabama. Who does that?

Look at 2010. A dropped pass by a wide open Mississippi State receiver within game-tying field goal range, a missed overtime field goal after a made field goal with a procedure penalty against Clemson, nail biters against South Carolina, Kentucky, LSU, and not to mention the 24-point comeback against the defending national champion Crimson Tide.

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Now, we have the Tigers scoring 14 points in the last two plus minutes to beat Utah State and an offense that lost its biggest threats from a year ago inexplicably scoring at will against Miss. St.

There is a point to this rambling, I promise. Will the Auburn Tigers ever lose again or do they have the ultimate case of karma working in their favor?

OK, yes, odds are they will lose at some point but gosh they find some interesting ways to win.

Gene Chizik has stolen the magic that once place victories on the scoreboard in Baton Rouge. The difference, however, is he is doing it with some sense. When I watch an Auburn game I feel the opposing team is in danger of being out maneuvered. When Les Miles pulls a rabbit, the felling is that he accidentally grabbed one by the ears while it was sleeping.

There is no doubt the Tigers have talent. There is no doubt that they have a coaching staff more than capable of winning football games having less talent than the opposing squad. But from here on out I’m DVR-ing every Auburn football game for the shear fact that you are almost guaranteed to see something you’ve never seen before.

Once again the Tigers face an opponent that on paper could very well beat them. And once again we will see Chizik and company take their troops into hostile territory and put on a performance worthy of the big screen.

How do know? I don’t but I have enough confidence in their voodoo to bet A-U-B-U-R-N on my next Fantasy 5 ticket. I don’t know where the Tigers victory potion came from but the rest of us could sure use a dose.